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1.The Tour, which was moved from its original date in July due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ends in Paris on September 20. The next stage is a 191km ride from Le Teil to Mont Aigoual. Enditem。
2.His contract with Real Madrid runs to June 2022, but Bale has refused to rule out a move, either this summer or in January.。
3.LAUSANNE, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Armand Duplantis from Sweden set a season's best 6.07 meters in the pole vault at the Wanda Diamond League meeting here on Wednesday, securing the highest outdoor pole vault jump for 26 years.。
4.Germany took the reins and pressed forward whereas Spain looked shocked and unable to respond.。
5.TEHRAN, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Tractor Sazi beat Esteghlal FC 3-2 on Thursday to win Iran's Hazfi Cup for the second time in the soccer club's history.。
6."I rode my tempo and gave it all to create a gap big enough to win."。


1."I rode my tempo and gave it all to create a gap big enough to win."。
2.PARIS, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- British rider Adam Yates took the lead of the Tour de France after home title favorite Julian Alaphilippe was given a 20-second penalty in Wednesday's stage five, which was won by Belgian Wout van Aert.。
3.The 31-year-old's poor relationship with Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is well documented and was made clear when Zidane only used him in two of the 12 games his side played when Spanish football resumed in June after lockdown.。
4."The final climb wasn't too hard, it was difficult to make a gap there, and therefore attacking would have been a huge effort for a small gain. So we rode steady to save energy for the coming days," Yates said.。
5.Luneng, who lost to Dalian Pro 1-0 in the last round, hit the woodwork twice during the game against Suning.。
6."We are delighted to enter this exciting new partnership with TCL, following our hugely successful collaboration over the last two years," FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis said.。


1.The 28-year-old is now 16th in the overall rankings, 16 seconds behind new leader Yates.。
2.He doubled Flamengo's lead with a low shot that rebounded in off the post before Rodriguinho pegged a goal back for the hosts.。
3.Chinese fans are fond of the football played by German clubs, he said. "The Bundesliga is big in China," Klein commented.。
4."It was a fantastic evening. The conditions, crowd, competition - it was all fabulous. Sam is a fabulous competitor, and I feel we bring the best out of each other," Duplantis added.。
5.With the result, Spain and Germany share the spoils and second place in Group 4. The Spaniards clash with frontrunners Ukraine while Switzerland face Germany on Sunday. Enditem。
6.After the restart, Germany got a perfect start as Werner broke the deadlock on 51 minutes after capitalizing on Robin Gosens' square pass into the penalty area.。


1、Jumbo Team's Van Aert produced a powerful sprint in the slight uphill finish to win by half a wheel ahead of Cees Bol and Sam Bennett.。
2、In the 48th minute, the Venezuelan striker assisted Swedish winger Sam Larsson to stretch the lead for Dalian.。
3、Members of the US women's team filed a lawsuit against their federation in March because of alleged discrimination over wages. A federal judge ruled against the players, who have since lodged an appeal.。
4、Strikers Mehdi Ghaedi and Arsalan Motahari pulled two back for Esteghlal FC in the second half.。
5、On October 12, Dragan Skocic's men will host Tajikistan in the Iranian capital Tehran.。


Other clubs are expected to follow.!


  • 因此 10-31

    As the match progressed, Joachim Low's men retreated with their narrow lead and kept all their men behind the ball.

  • 才情 10-30

    The safety and health of fans, players, and staff remains the primary target, Klein said. Depending on local figures, Leipzig set up a concept to allow 8,500 fans to see their first home game against FSV Mainz 05 on Sept. 20.

  • 时候 10-29

    LONDON, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Real Madrid's Welsh international forward Gareth Bale says he would be open to returning to the Premier League but insists that so far Real Madrid have blocked his attempts to leave.

  • 不死 10-28

    Looking at the big five European leagues, the Bundesliga is the one with the most goals per game.

  • 样的 10-27

    Klein is expecting the many young talents to continue their performance. He mentioned Dortmund's Erling Haaland as one of the examples next to Jadon Sancho.

  • 者却 10-26

    Larsen later became president of Badminton Europe in 2010 before being elected BWF president in 2013. He was reelected as BWF president in 2017. Enditem

  • 来装 10-25

    Calling systemic racism one of the two "pandemics" afflicting the United States, Lurie said during his annual State of the Eagles address that change will not happen until "we realize we're responsible for it."

  • 们在 10-24

    "Prize money and allowances have been equalled for men's and women's football, which means female players will earn the same as the men," Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) president Rogerio Caboclo said in a virtual news conference.

  • 的领 10-23

    The 23-year-old Dutchman has signed a five-year contract at Old Trafford, with an option to extend by a further year. The transfer fee is 39 million euros (46 million U.S. dollars), which may increase to 44 million euros if certain clauses are met.

  • 些运 10-22

    Germany has been on the right track over the last decades, keeping an eye on its clubs' financial policy. The COVID-19 pandemic might have enforced the impression.

  • 非常 10-21

    Jumbo Team's Van Aert produced a powerful sprint in the slight uphill finish to win by half a wheel ahead of Cees Bol and Sam Bennett.

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